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Fresh Concrete Tests

As per Indian Standards
Fresh concrete test is one of important primary quality check and we do the following tests on it: Slump Cone, Vee Bee Consistometer, Flow Table and Compaction Factor Tests.

Hardened Concrete Tests

As per Indian Standards
Hardened concrete tests ensures the actual strength and is very mandate for every construction industry. We do the following tests on it: Compression Test, Split Tensile Test, Flexure Strength Test

Water Tests

As per Indian Standards
We do tests on water to find all chemical parameters as per IS code. The following tests are being carried out in our laboratory: pH Test, Turbidity Test, Salinity and Alkalinity Test, Chloride Test, BOD, COD, Hardness Test, etc.

Soil Tests

As per Indian Standards
Testing Soils makes us one of cuddalore’s leading laboratories in this field. We can conduct over 14 tests which meet Indian standards and local authority requirements. Tests Includes: Specific Gravity Tests, Sieve Analysis Test, Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit, Shrinkage Test etc.

Material Tests

As per Indian Standards
Our Materials Testing Laboratory is accredited for and conducts a diverse range of aggregate tests following Indian Standards. We do the following tests on Aggregates: Specific Gravity and Water Absorption Test, Soundness Test, Crushing Test, Abrasion Test, Impact Test.


As per Local Municipality Norms
We do all kinds surveying works in and around cuddalore using advanced and well calibrated equipment satisfying the local PWD norms. We do Land surveying, Total Station surveying, Theodolite and GPS

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