Want to conduct water test to your water sample? Be it ground water or for industrial purpose, we are here to ser
ve you better. CK civil consultancy has well equipped environmental engineering laboratory to conduct all sort of water tests.

Drinking Water Testing Lab in Cuddalore

Recently, we’ve revamped our laboratory with advanced water testing equipment. Al togetherWater test in Cuddalore-CK Civil Consultanncy we are the leading water testing consultant in Cuddalore and Cuddalore District.

We are preferred by many Government Sectors as we give standard and reliable test results.

The equipment in laboratory undergoes periodic calibration to keep the accuracy level high.

Water, being the major factor for human life, has to be tested for consumption.

Not all water that you pump from Ground are good to intake. It has to be tested for severa
l properties.

Water Test in Cuddalore

According to TheOrganicPrepper, drinking water mustĀ be tested for:

  • Coliform bacteria and
  • Nitrates
  • Fluoride

Being certified by NAAC team, we are the only certified water testing consultancy in Cuddalore region.

What are the tests we do on water?

Since we need to fulfill the needs of people, we are doing all sort of water tests to check your water sample for the following:

  • Drinking Water
  • Residential Bore water
  • Industrial water
  • Commercial Water
  • Ordinary Ground water
  • Water for Agriculture,etc.

For the convenince of customers, we extended our boundary to Pondicherry in North, Neyveli, Vadalur, Virudhachalam in South, Villupuram, Dindivanam in the East.

Not only the mentioned boundary coverage, we also welcome customersĀ from all parts of India.

Since we have good business relation with Government Projects, we are trusted by many contractors and builders around Cuddalore.